Helpful Resources

 We hope these resources can help to build Biblical knowledge and encourage you in your walk with Christ. Fountain of Life Baptist Church does not necessarily endorse all of the content found on these websites, but they can serve as valuable tools and enhance our walk with the Lord.

Daily Bible Reading

Few things we do in a day are more important than spending time in the Word of God. Crosswalk makes it simple to find your place in God's Word with this daily Bible reading plan and listen as well as follow along. Just click the link, and it will take you to today's Scriptures. The King James Version features the classic audio reading of Alexander Scourby.


Daily Devotional Readings

From the Morning and Evening Readings of Charles Spurgeon to many pastors and Bible teachers of today, these daily devotionals will challenge you from the Word of God and cause your heart to rejoice in the wonder of God's love and promises. Read a different author every day or read several of them!


Bible Study Tools is a collection of online tools for Bible study for pastors and church leaders as well as every other Christian that desires to be a student of the Word of God. With over 50,000 pages of online material as well as an online Theology program, this resource's depth and wealth of knowledge will be a blessing to you.

Salvation & Discipleship Materials

The Way of the Master will introduce you to resources that will help you share your faith with the lost as well as some practical steps you can take as a Christian to obey God and grow in your walk with Him.

Listen To Sermons
Access the largest library of free MP3 audio sermons on the web. Listen to classic sermons from great preachers such as Charles Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, and Billy Sunday as well as modern-day preachers.

Listen To Christian Music

Christian music lifts our hearts to worship Christ in a very unique way. Rejoice Radio can be heard on over 40 translator stations by way of satellite across the U.S. as well as here on the Internet. Rejoice Radio offers Christian music and programs twenty-four hours a day.

Creation / Evolution Resources
Answers In Genesis provides many resources and materials on topics related to a young-earth Creation, answering skeptics and encouraging trust in the authority of God's Word "from the very first verse."


Bible Trivia
Learning the Bible can be fun! Here are some games designed to build your Bible knowledge, from the beginner to the expert. A great way for Christian parents to stimulate interest in the Bible for their children (as well as themselves)!


100 Verses Every Christian Should Know
Bible memorization is one of the fastest ways to grow as a Christian, promoting not only knowledge of God's Word but also giving us the keys to victory over temptation. These verses are sorted into many important areas of the Christian life.