Fountain of Life Baptist Church,
Where life flows from God's word to a thirsty world


Join us on November 22 at 11am for our Harvest Sunday, a great time to reflect on the physical harvest in the world God has created for us as well as the great opportunity for spiritual harvest, the responsibility for soul winning that surrounds us. We will have lunch on the grounds for everyone immediately following the morning service and activities for children of all ages.


Sunday, December 13 will be our Christmas program and musical concert at 11am. Come and celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior as we lift him up in song.


If you are looking for a church where you can not only feel welcome and comfortable but also experience Christian fellowship and growth, please accept this invitation to visit us for one of our services. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life, and we would love the opportunity to worship the Creator of the universe with you.

We live in a world in which disaster is a part of life. It seems as if every time you turn on the TV or open the newspaper something else is going wrong. Many people don’t know what to think or who or what to trust. But in a world of constant change there is one thing that never changes and that we can trust implicitly - the Word of God. God tells us that the Bible is sufficient for “all that pertains to life,” and that it is absolutely perfect. It shows us how to know God through Jesus Christ and how to have a life filled with joy.
At Fountain of Life Baptist Church, we reverence and lift up the Word of God as the answer for all the problems of man and the absolute standard of who God is and what His will is for our lives.  If you have any questions about our church or the information on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We'd love to see you soon!

Your friend,
Pastor Daniel Pigott




We have all been there. Discouraged. Defeated. You did it again – that same action or response that you have done so many times – the one you promised God and yourself that you would never do again, the one from which you have pleaded with God for deliverance and have desired so earnestly to be free. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever see the other side and breathe the fresh, clean air of liberty. Read more . . .